“ReTouch” is a web-based solution that enables your business users to prepare and manage data assets in DWH/BI systems for analyzing reports and making decisions with full traceability.



  • Business/IT Units will get an interface to perform database activities without having technical skills.
  • No need to extract the data from DWH and join with excel files to produce the required reports
  • Solves the problem of delayed reflection of data from enterprise systems to the BI and DWH platforms 
  • Versioning of the changes like yearly targets, sales hierarchy, etc.
  • Different hierarchies/structures need while representing data from the same platform

Key features:

  • Supported platforms are: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Amazon, DB/2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Exadata, SAP HANA, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift databases.
  • Export/Import file types; CSV, FTP, Excel, TXT, XML, JSON
  • Table select, create, alter, drop, rollback and data entry, edit, delete
  • Multi-user editing and Multi-object editing
  • Creating data quality validation rules

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