Business strategy

Since its founding, Intellica has kept its focus on the business intelligence/analytics domain and aims to remains so. Although main industry focus has been on Telecommunications and Banking, Intellica is actively investigating other industries, such as energy, retail and public for penetration and further growth. Intellica is also keenly monitoring recent developments such as Big Data, Data Science, Real-Time application and IoT and positioning itself to be an effective player in these areas as well.

Vision statement

Our vision is to provide end-to-end business solutions to our customers. Building an effective Business Intelligence or Customer Experience Management solution requires a considerable amount of effort to ensure usability and value to an enterprise. At Intellica, we understand this and make sure that our solutions are aligned with the business vision of the enterprise. We do this through our consulting framework which provides a roadmap, wherein we assess, strategize and finally architect solutions that minimize project time frames while addressing critical business needs.